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A Rights-Managed (RM) or Rights-Controlled content means that the amount to be paid for the license is calculated on a specific basis and previously agreed between Fotobanco and the user / customer. The licensing of an RM content implies term, period, draw limit, use, geographical territory and exclusivity or non-exclusivity.

Exclusive rights may be available for some of the content. With this option, the buyer has exclusive use for an image, under the terms of the agreement. The terms of use may affect the use, media, territory and / or duration in which the image may be used by other buyers. The price for this type of license depends on the agreed terms and may involve the prior contact of the original author of the contents.

If you want to obtain non-exclusive rights, it’s possible to pay a license each time you use a content. But another buyer may purchase the same content under the same license.

The use of content under the RM regime does not exempt the consultation of the specific rules of licensing, which can be accessed by clicking on the link of the agency / producer, below:


AGE RM AlbumLessing Living4Media
AKG Images AtlanticoPress Science Photo Library
Alamy Cultura RM Stockfood
Album Art History PhotoCuisine Westend61 RM
Album Cinema Ikon Images RM
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