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A Royalty-Free (RF) content means that you pay for a license once, and by means of this payment, you may have unlimited use for an indefinite period, without geographical term or territory.

The price of Royalty-Free content may be based on the file size that the user needs, as well as the number of people interested in using it (maximum 10). The buyer may have to pay additional royalties on a widely-used basis. However, all licenses granted are personal and non-transferable.

Royalty-Free licenses are always non-exclusive. If you want to have exclusive rights to use royalty free content, contact us ( The use of RF images may be subject to specific licensing rules, depending on the suppliers, so this information does not dispense the license terms and conditions, visible in the respective links below:


Ikon Images RF



Johner RF

Photo Cuisine RF

Deposit photos

Panthermedia Basic

Pixtal RF

Food Collection


Science Photo Library

Image source



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